This can be accessed by clicking on the Pickup page, Drop-off or Stopover page on the find ride page. This allows the app to get your current location by clicking on the current location button.

Google Map

Google map shows us the current location of the app by clicking on the current location or by filling the input field in the pickup or drop location. This shows us the exact point of our location on the map.

Google Place Autocomplete

As mentioned earlier in the geolocation, by filling the input text in the set pickup page or drop-off page, this will show you some predicted locations according to your filled entries in the text input field. By selecting any predicted location it will store that location and show that on Find a ride pages' pickup and destination location individually.

Chat Support Page

Chat support provides us the facility to interact with the customer service provider directly. We can ask our queries and get a solution from their side. This provides us the real-time solution of our related queries. Here in the app, this UI is only for demo purpose but you can make it in fully functioning real-time chat support by integrating back-end which I mentioned earlier, with the help of any back-end developer.


Change profile picture

By using ionic native camera plugin we get the facility to take a picture and save that as a profile picture, we may save that on the server and retrieve that any time as per requirement. We can you back-end for this or we may use ionic native Sqlite storage or ionic storage to store data locally and retrieve that when there is no back-end. Or we can pick a picture from the gallery to make that our profile picture. You can follow this link to pick a picture from the gallery with the help of ionic native camera plugin.‚Äč

Device Compatibility

As mentioned earlier, the app is written in Ionic 5 and angular language. This allows a single source code to create both iOS and Android apps.

This template has been tested in all latest Android versions and major devices.

This template has also been tested in all latest versions of iPhones, including iPhone X.