Ionic 5 Carpool App Template

Our Ionic 5 Carpool App Template is a mobile app starter/template . With this template, you can create a Carpool app like BlaBla Car etc.

This template is the front-end part of the Carpooling app, which means the screens and user interfaces (screens) are ready. You can easily change the screens, styles, and logics to suit your requirements. To make it a live app like BlaBla Car, etc. you just need to add a back-end to the app, and load your data in the back-end.


This template is made in Ionic 5 . With Ionic 5, you can

  • Create iOS app, Android app and a PWA with a single source code

  • Cut your project cost and time in less than half

  • Ensure exact same UI in iOS and Android, while following the standard UI norms

  • Get both Cordova and Capacitor based run time environment, based on your preference. This template makes use of certain Cordova plugins, but can be easily used with Capacitor as well