Two way to use this Template

Once you purchase the starter, you have all the code to your disposal. You can modify the app anyway you want, but here are two major ways it can be done.

1. Use the Full App as a base to create your app

This means that the template is itself an Ionic Angular Capacitor app, so you don't need to create another app. You can use the template app as a base for your app and just delete the pages you don't want, and add what is missing.
If you plan to use many of the pages and features offered by the template, then we suggest you to go with this option.
For example, if you are looking to create a Netflix like homepage, use the Netflix page layout, the login page, attach it to Firebase using firebase features, chat page etc for the major structure. Delete other pages which are not required

2. Import Full App pages into an existing Ionic Capacitor app

If you only want to use some specific pages or components and you already have an existing Ionic 4 app. e.g. You want to import the Netflix Layout page into your other app

Copy the page folder

Locate the Netflix Layout Folder in the code.
  • Copy the contents of the Netflix Folder to your existing app
  • In some cases, the pages are using a separate file for data. If it is the case for your page's folder, copy the data file as well
  • All pages have their styling included within the folder, so you don't need to copy any styles from Global.
  • Add the page's routing in the app-routing.module.ts file of your new app, or wherever you are defining the routing


If the page/feature imports some special package, and the package does not exist in the new app, you will have to install that package as well (Usually when a package is missing, the IDE will show you a red or Yellow underline on the package import section on top of .ts file)


All assets are kept in src/assets You can copy the assets related to your page from this folder, or use your own.
Keep in mind to keep assets folder as direct child of src because the production build expects it so. If you change the location, the production build might not be able to find the correct assets path