Grocery Dashboard App - Setup

This page describes the steps to Setup and Deploy Grocery Dashboard App.
Remember to enter your own GOOGLE API KEY in the source code in the place of YOUR_API_KEY. Without this api key, many functionalities might not work, especially maps. Check the docs for more info
It has 3 steps which are as follows. Make sure before these steps you must have completed the Initial Dev Environment Setup :-
  1. 1.
    Running the App (Web Browser)
  2. 2.
    New Firebase Project Setup
  3. 3.
    Firebase Integration into our app
  4. 4.
    Testing the app
  5. 5.
    Hosting on Firebase

1. Running the App

Go to Running the App ( Web Browser) section to complete this step. Here we will run our app in the development mode.

2. Firebase Project Setup

Go to New Firebase Project Setup section to complete this step. Here we will setup the firebase for our project, change permissions and rules, add web project and generate the required config. This step has to be done only once.

3. Firebase Integration into our App

Go to Firebase Integration In Grocery Dashboard App section to complete this step. Here we will setup the environment files in Ionic project to connect to right firebase instance. Previously it will have config to our sample firebase. If the connection is proper and rules and permissions are right. You should get your app working.

4. Testing Grocery Dashboard App Login

Go to Grocery Dashboard Testing section to see how to do it. Now we have successfully integrated our Grocery App. Let us go back to the browser where we can test our Dashboard app for Login and other features.

5. Hosting on Firebase

Go to Hosting on Firebase section to complete this step.

Completed Grocery Dashboard app setup

Now we have successfully run the Grocery Dashboard . We need to setup Grocery App to complete the next steps.
Go to the Grocery App - Setup section to move to next major step.