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New Firebase Project Setup

This page describes the steps to setup a new Firebase project for the Grocery Dashboard App.
It includes 2 main steps :-
  1. 1.
    Creating a new firebase project
  2. 2.
    Add firebase to your web app

1. Creating a new firebase project

1.1 Open your firebase console. You will see the screen shown below. Click on "Add Project" to create your new project.
1.2 Write name of your project and click on "Continue". In this case, we have named our project as grocerydemo
1.3 Once you see Create a project (Step 2 of 3 ) screen - Disable the Enable Google Analytics for the project, as shown below. Now click on Continue
1.4 Please wait for a while your project is being created

2. Add firebase to your web app

2.1 The image below the default screen after your project is successfully created. Click on “Project settings”
2.2 Scroll down the page and go to the last section which says “There are no apps in your project”. Select the 3rd option with this icon “</>” to add firebase to your web app.
2.3 Register your app by providing name in the "App nickname" section and click on "Register App" button. In this case, we have used in the App nickname section.
2.4 You should see the following screen.
2.5 Select the following section of code, as shown below and copy it to some text editor as it will be used at multiple places in next steps.

Adding firebase to project

Now we will add firebase to our project.
Go to Firebase Integration In Grocery Dashboard App section to see how to do it.