Ionic 5 Grocery Platform with Dashboard

Ionic 5 Grocery Shopping Platform is a high quality app starter built with Ionic Framework, which gives you a pixel perfect, fully working Grocery app with Admin Panel and back-end in firebase.
This template is built using Angular 8+ (up-gradable to Angular 9) and Ionic Framework v5 and has everything you need to jump start your Grocery shopping app development!
Both the App and Dashboard are built in Ionic 5 (Angular) Framework, so they can be used either as an app or PWA.
Ionic 5 represents the culmination of more than two years of research and hard work transforming Ionic from “mobile for Angular” into a powerful UI Design System and app framework for every web developer in the world.


  • Clients: Get your next Grocery Shopping app built by developers using Ionic 5
    Grocery Shopping App Platform starter. This way you save tonnes on UI development and back-end development. Approximate savings can run in thousands of dollars per app. You also get an admin panel you can use to operate your app
  • Developers: This is the time to save your expensive time and write less code for your new app. You can build a rich Grocery Shopping App Platform with Admin panel in a very straightforward way. All you need to do is switch the admin panel and the app to your own Firebase back-end
  • Designers: Customization of layout has no limit with Ionic. You don’t even have to modify a complicated widget. It is pretty clean and simple to start your own customization and create a satisfactory design. Also, the admin panel is built to address your needs to manage the app. You can always add more features to both apps and the admin panel, but the basics are all built-in
Get Ionic 5 Grocery Shopping Platform Starter and enjoy the carefully designed pages, the back-end (firebase) and the fully working Admin panel with the most required functionalities!
Last modified 3yr ago