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What is Ionic 6 Vue Capacitor Full App?

"Ionic 6 Vue Capacitor Full App" is a multipurpose high quality starter app template, which gives you everything like components, plugins & examples, to build pixel perfect iOS and Android apps
Ever since the release of Ionic 5, it is popular for being platform agnostic. Ionic 6 is now compatible with VanillaJS, Angular, React, VueJS and introduced some new Components and changed some code syntax (these changes are taken care in Ionic Full Vue Application). Now a days VueJS market is becoming popular and writing functional code is a trend now.
VueJS code has unique style of code writing, it splits the single typescript file into 3 components. 1. Template (HTML Code) 2. VueJS Component 3. Styles (CSS)
This type of code style helps to debug the code more easily and application can be breakup into modular structure. That would be easier to handle, when we have the many more features and pages.
This Starter is build using Ionic 6 + VueJS 3 + Capacitor 3. All 3 build components are leading in it section and having the latest version gives the power and increases the performance for the Vue Full Application.
// Template Code
All HTML Code goes here
// Vue Component
import { defineComponent } from 'vue';
export default defineComponent({
// Styles(CSS) Code
<style lang="scss" scoped>


  • Clients: Get your next app built by developers using Ionic Vue Capacitor Full App. This way you save tonnes on UI development, and significantly on major features like Firebase integration, and many other native plugin integrations. Approximate savings can run in thousands of dollars per app.
  • Developers: This is the time to save your expensive time and write less code for your new app. You can build a rich app with Ionic and Vue in a very straightforward way. Your knowledge about using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript will help serve as the building blocks of your app. Ionic also has lots of tutorials you can use.
  • Designers: Customization of layout has no limit with Ionic. You don’t even have to modify a complicated widget. It is pretty clean and simple to start your own customization and create a satisfactory design.
Get Ionic Vue Capacitor Full App and enjoy lots of carefully designed pages with the most popular and required functionalities!
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